Unknown psionic entity

This entity lives in Jan’s head and although they find mutual benefit in this co-existence, they hate each other deeply.

After Jan Münster‘s deadly fall and followed mutilation-murder by Gnasher the Slasher, Jan was slowing slipping away. Another dying and wounded creature of an unknown nature but some psionic power, settled in Jan’s brain through some fungal growth. This and the traumatic brain injury caused Jan to lose most of his memory. When he came back to consciousness, Jan had this blister-like tissue covering half his head and left eye. When it burst, it revealed scarred skin and a purple, otherworldly eye.

At first, the creature was merely licking its own wounds, a passive observer sitting in Jan’s head. Although, once in a while, under stressful conditions like combat, it would take command and make him do rather crazy things.

During their adventure, the apostates found a Psionic Crystal, an equivalent of a health potion for psionic entities and Jan almost consumed it. Lu directed Jack to cut through Jan’s hand and a psionic cascade ensued. During the cascade, within Jan’s mind landscape, he saw the creature dying. It had stumps for limbs, a gigantic, trepanated brain and one tentacule. Jan choked it to regain control of his mind… temporarily.

Deeper in Abaddon, Jan felt a strong call to a specific geographic location. What first seemed like a hill was an enormous crater. In the middle, a dead, almost mummified corpse. Following unexplained impulse, Jan extracted the brain and carried it around in his bag while fighting a strange urge of eating it.

He almost ate it once in his sleep, but took control back before that. At the beginning of the goblin camp assault, the creature used the combat-stress opportunity to make Jan devour the brain. After he lost consciousness to Borga’s fireball, the entity took full control of Jan, blasting four Hobgoblins in an archer tower to nothingness.

How rejoining with the brain will affect Jan further is yet to be seen.

Unknown psionic entity

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