Oddone Mangione


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Oddone (Pronounced Oh-Doh-Nay) was adopted by a group of joyful gnomish marchants. He spent most of his early years proving himself, the odd human in a city of Gnomes. He embraced their culture, and even worshipped their god : The Trickster. It led him on a path of burglary, and more than less into trouble.

During his teenage years, he started travelling with a marchant caravan owned by his parents. A pathfinder named Zander, who was paid by the marchants to aid their travels, found out the young hooligan had a talent for magic; He was raised by gnomes, after all. The wizard began training Odd in the art of magic.

Oddone would accompany the caravan to train and learn under Zander everytime there was an opportunity.

Eight years later, they found themselves in a town, under heavy influence from the Tribune. His green hair (Tainted under gnomish traditions) and his gnomish compagny caught the eye of a Bishop.

During a break at the local tavern with some of his friends from the caravan, the Bishop went to him : “Who are you? Why are you travelling with gnomes? Green hair, what is this? Explain yourself, outsider !”.

“Woah there, old man ! What is the meaning of this ? You asked too many questions at once. I’m not here to cause trouble, I just want to have a drink.”. The Bishop was not amused.

“You will answer my questions, young insolent ! What are you doing here?”

It is to note that the Tribune is not loved by the gnomes, and therefore, not by Oddone. Perhaps it was the alchool, or the cockiness, but Odd was having none of it :
“Mind your manners, old man, or the Trickster will get you!”.

The Bishop freaked out:

He turned tail and left the tavern. Odd had a smirk on his face, cheered with his friends, but he had no idea his victory would be so short.

Four members of the Inquisition entered the tavern. His pint was not even done, and the guards slammed him against the wall. The Bishop was there, too, and ordered the Inquisition to search Odd.

They did not find anything in his pockets. However, when a guard lifted his shirt to search for hidden weapons, he caught glimpse of something. He quickly removed Odd’s shirt to reveal a tatoo on his back, symbolising a grey and blue jester, wearing a mask with extremely long teeth. The Bishop went delirious : THIS IS… THIS IS THE FALSE IDOL THOSE PEON GNOMES CALL THEIRGOD” ! HERETIC ! YOUR BLASPHEMY CANNOT GO UNPUNISHED ! BRING THEM ALL TO THE ARCHBISHOP!"

Odd would not tolerate these words. He was raised by a joyful family, and surrounded by his friends. He wouldn’t let these insult pass. Odd violently punched the Bishop in the face.
The Bishop was old and frail. If he ever had fighting days, they were long past. He died when his head hit the ground, and a puddle of blood appeared on the tavern floor. The Inquisition seized Odd, and dragged him in the streets.

LEAVE HIM ALONE!”, screamed one of his friends. “HE’S NOT GOING TO ABBADON!”

Their friends jumped on the guards, and a battle ensued. Odd was fighting too, but they proved no match for the Inquisition. Two of the guards were killed, but at the cost of his friends life. Only Odd was left. A crowd had gathered; The gnomes are not loved, watching them die to the Inquisition on the street was a reassuring sight.

The two inquisitors grabbed Odd and beat him to a pulp. The mass was pleased. They cheered the fall of the green-haired infidel, and they started screaming words that echoed deep into Oddone’s soul..:


Oddone Mangione

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