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Escape from Abaddon - Chapter VII


Quick summary of the events

  • Received three magical items from Old Root
  • Teamed up with Big Root to take down the goblin camp
  • Sneaked behind enemy lines using secret passage
  • Killed multiple goblinoids
  • Killed their war bard Bongo Bongo
  • Killed their shaman Borga the Witch
  • Killed Gnasher the Slasher
  • Lu died, killed by Gnasher
  • Jan ate the entity’s brain
  • Odd found and retrieved the mask, turning back to flesh and bone

Detailed journal


The party rested “for the night” after their troll hunt, trying not to think what lays a few inches under the moss of the Myconoids’ grove. During his meditation Oddone Mangione had the fleeting impression to hear music at the limit of his perception. Carnival music… Glancing at his hourglass, he calculated that he had between 50 and 60 hours before the last gem would fall.

Later in his meditation, he also noticed Jan M√ľnster rummaging in his own bag, still asleep and grunting. The monk produces the entity’s brain from the bag and as he moved in closer to take a bite he suddenly woke up and snapped out of it, dropping the brain on the ground. Still feeling attached, he wrapped it back in his pack.

The apostates rose and Old Root gave them three parting gifts: a bronze gladius of the Ancient Draconic empire, a ring of protection and a cloak of resistance, Odd taking the former and Lu the rest. He wishes them good luck and they leave with Big Root leading the way. Big Root and Old Root are in constant telepathic link with the Mycellium. This allows them to part the vegetation to allow us faster travels to the goblin camp.

“Watch out for Big Root, he’ll be watching out for you…”

Goblin battle

On their way to the battle, Big Root described a secret passage that lead more to the center of the camp. Big Root was too large to go through and wouldn’t be able to follow the protagonists. The plan was that Big Root would make a diversion and take the swarm as the apostates surgically defeat their leaders. Odd knew that goblinoids are usually lead by a war chief, the strongest, and a shaman.

Play this music while you read the rest

The apostates could see the Goblin camp in the distance. A pyre burned brightly in the middle of it and war drums could be heard. Progressively, the drums harmonized and banged louder and louder with an increasing rhythm, a terrifying reflection of when Goblins are the most dangerous: when they organize. The protagonists were also able to perceive crude siege weapons in the distance. That could only mean one thing: that the Goblins were getting ready to besiege the closest settlement… Neergard, the only chance of salvation for the apostates.

Big Root showed them the secret passage behind a waterfall-like root system that he moved using his psychic link. Lu tells him to wait for their signal before starting the battle and Jan insists that Big Root watches for himself.

On the other side of the tunnel laid the enemy camp. From this hidden position, the apostates were able to see that the camp was crawling with goblins, hobgoblins, a few bugbears and even ogres. They also saw that the Jester‘s mask was put on top of the pyre and green flames licked through its orbits. To reach it, the apostates would have to fight uphill to that pyre that seemed to be next to the leaders’ cave. Odd heard the carnival music getting louder, coming from the tunnel.

The plan was to have Jack climb a overhang and the three mortals would go up the normal, winding way to have good flanking positions. After partial buffing, Lu gave the signal to Big Root and a siege weapon crashed through nearby goblins. After that, things did not go as planned… The entity took control of Jan’s body, casting ‘mending’ on a rock and screaming and pointing hence partially alerting the camp.


Projectiles rained from outcroppings and an archers tower. Apostates got cover from the pronounce , but they were forced to hug the wall. Odd was at the vanguard while Jan and Lu healed and buffed respectively. Many goblins and hobgoblins met their end at the hands of the apostates.

To gain tactical advantages after rejoining with Jack, the apostates moved to a narrow rock corridor that would funnel the ennemies only on two sides. It seemed clever, until two creatures were spotted atop the rock walls: a small Goblin witch, Borga, and a towering Bugbear. A deflagration caused by the witch’s fireball badly scalded the team, but using his own magic, Odd made her blind. He also stuck the Bugbear in paralytic laugh. The fireball was too much for Jan and he fell unconscious for a moment. When he came back, someone else was controlling his body. First thing it did, was to make him eat that brain. Then, using some psychic power, it destroyed the archer’s tower killing the four Hobgoblins there.

The party started to make a push for it. They were getting closer to the pyre… and the War Chief! Bongo bongo, an Ogre leading the drum cacophony. Odd essentially dueled it with the aid of Jan and Lu buffing him. Lu even risked herself to be exposed without invisibility to cast ‘Haste’ on the group once more. Something nasty took that opportunity. Gnasher stabbed through Lu, draining her of what life she had left. Odd fought the vile thing and impaled it on a fence by the pyre.

The aftermath

At long last, Oddone was able to put his hands on his prized mask. Putting it upon his face, his golden body turned back to flesh and bone, the carnival music finally quieting down. Jan offers a final prayer for Lu, another companion whose life was claimed by Abaddon.


And so ends the reign of terror of Gnasher the Slasher over the Apostates. :’(

Escape from Abaddon - Chapter VII

Death is only the beginning in Abaddon…

Escape from Abaddon - Chapter VII

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