Jan Münster

Crazed protestant oracle of Elishar


Third-born son of five siblings, the young Jan Münster was a bargaining chip for his family when dealing with the clergy of Elishar. A talented choir boy, his participation at the bi-weekly mass resulted in a lower tithe for the poor Münster family.

Well-indoctrinated by his early teens, he became tonsured and joined an abbey far-removed in the mountains. Quickly after, Jan joined the ranks of this Abbey’s renowned copyist monks. Doing so, he learned the Celestial language of the scriptures and became an expert at Word of God, learning it from cover cover. Mastering the holy text, he start seeing incongruities between the clergy of Elishar and His Word. Such questioning was strongly punished. This is how Jan found himself alone, one cold autumn night, copying isolated in the cellar and lit only by the dim moonlight.

Jan Münster

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