World of Andrius

Escape from Abaddon - Chapter VIII Part 2
Neergard Part 2

Quick summary of the events

  • The party made its way in Neergard
  • Escorted by two guards, the Apostates took in many surprising features of the city
  • Met with King ZigZax and received his blessing to explore the glass archives
  • Oddone Mangione shopped for the party

Detailed journal

The first few steps in Neergard

Escorted by guards, the Apostates made their way inside Neergard. Multiple defense layers made themselves partially visible to the three of them. They first had to go through a rock-hewed tunnel, barely large enough to fit one Svirfneblin, let alone medium-sized creatures. Then, as the cave opened up a bit, weird shelf-like structures were visible along the ceiling. On it, Odd’s keen eye perceive what could only be multiple invisible creatures, following the adventurers with their gazes and probably their crossbows.

The third defense system was once again spotted by Odd, being used to perceive traps. Along the walls of the corridor were two grooves. From within, a glitter could be seen: a spring loaded blade was ready to mow down any invader. The next layer of defense were two giant-sized ballistae pointing outwards. For a reason unknown to the apostates, vapour was escaping from it. The following layers were spike, raised like a phalanx against a mounted charge. These were lowered to let the party and their escort deeper in.

Finally, a giant door of metal stood in their way. The familiar sounds of grinding gears was heard, but also came steam, and then the door opened. Beyond was Neergard itself. Despite the great distance normally impeding sight in the underdark because of the lack of light, the three Apostates were able to see the Jeweled city of Neergard in all in splendor thanks to a giant, central stalactite made of quartz and silver. Dancing light from within did the lighting and the metal and gems did the reflecting. Neergard was build like a circular set of stairs, with the building rooftops getting higher and higher at each layer towards the center, were the Keep stood. One could easily imagine Svirfneblin retreating from rooftop to rooftop, keeping the high ground advantage.

The three Apostates were lead to a guardhouse where they were told to wait. After a while, an older Svirfneblin with a big nose, big ears and magnifying glasses introduced himself as Grand Lore Master and Honored Elder Dagobar. After two introductions with titles-flaunting, Jan understood the importance of these in the Deep Gnome society. He came up with some for his group, with variable level of quality. He introduced himself as [Insert], Fin as [Insert] and Odd as [Insert]. He proceeded to tell us, in surface common, that we were to bathe, that our equipment would be inspected and weapons temporarily stored. After a long and appreciated bath (Especially for Jan, who hadn’t seen a glimpse of anything clean since his capture by the tribunes), the Apostates were given clean clothing to their sizes. Jan also opted for a beard trimming and a complete head shaving to look cleaner and like his hosts.

The crunchy eel

The Apostates were assigned two guards: Honored Pikemaster Karniflex with an impressive horizontal mustache and his apprentice Aspiring Sentinel Pilax. During their walk, the Culture master and Ambassador Larkana joined them again told they adventurers that they were to meet with the king. Her greed towards the gem wreath lead her to invite them a little bit too eagerly and the king wanted to asses the apostates and whether they were to live or to die. Being aware of her mistake, she knew that if they were executed, she would probably share their fate.

On their way to the “inn”, the Crunchy Eel tavern, the Apostates were able to see the Svirfneblin culture from closer. Despite their rock-color skin, citizens of Neergard seemed to prefer brightly colored clothing. They also seemed to have a very different notion of color arrangement where they just try to have as wildly set of color as possible. Svirfneblin are very organized and walk in two sets of two lanes, not unlike a highway.

The adventurers also got to witness a bit of military training. Svirfneblin seemed to prefer picks as weapon. One older deep gnome had a contraption strapped to his back and was holding a snout connected to the pack. Despite being a new invention that he was still struggling to master, Svirfneblin were clearly apt to use steam-power in combat too: a jet of scalding vapour shot a bit uncontrollably from the snout and then his pack caught on fire.

The Apostates were also able to see where their hosted got most of their food. Away from the building line, fields of moss were being tended. From there, fibrous material and food was harvested. On small ponds were fishermen in stilts, trying to capture dangerously electric eels.

The owner the Crunchy Eel was a Deep Gnome named Gorod and his title was Master Cook and Orator. A merry fellow happy to use his guests as selling point, he assigned a wench to the Apostates for their service. The two appointed guards had their own table and discussed merrily in Undercommon. The three of them ordred the most local food as possible: a nutty flat bread, escargot guacamole, mossy local ale and the eponymous crunchy eel. The spicy of the eel was perfectly balanced and tamed by the menthol of the moss ale.

Well fed and with a soft bed, Jan and Odd had the best night they had since their capture. Except for the part where Odd found a scrying spell on the chandelier and Jan having a sleepwalking episode. The latter was brought back by Fin. The two night guards taking Karniflex and Pilax’s night shift were clearly not as jolly.

Meeting the King

The following morning, Larkana and the two guards from the day before took them to Neerguard’s keep. This structure was the biggest in the city, made by giant stalactite and a stalagmite meeting. Larkana briefed the Apostates on how to interact with the King, although we didn’t need to grovel like with the rulers of the surface, they were to answer truthfully only when addressed to. Other than that, to keep interactions to minimum.

The throne room was well guarded with infantry along the walls and crossbowmen watching from atop a ledge. The king sat upon a throne, seemingly broken many eons ago and never mended. The king himself had a giant beard (3 feet long on a man only 6 inches taller), was wearing a crown-helmet of bronze and gems and handling a maul of what seemed like molten rock. The herald introduced the king with his full title: King ZigZax stone chosen favored of rock and flame herald of fortune harbinger of glory scourge of the greenskin bearer of the gilded crown wielder of the core hammer guardian of the sundered throne warden and protector of the jeweled city of Neergard.

Then, through Dagobar’s translation, the king assessed the Apostates by asking different questions. Him and Jan linked the warmth of Elishar with the warmth of the core-world God, Suurts. He then assessed Fin’s ability as a bodyguard with a firm and sudden push, for which his severe training regimen allowed him to absorb the shock. Lastly, despite being wary of Odd, he is aware of the reverence to the Jester his surface cousin have. Sentinel Zylbleh’okh witness our battle against the goblinoids and vouched for our relative virtue. King ZigZax officially granted us our lives… and two day access to the Glass Archives.

The beginning of the investigation

The Apostates first visited the scout’s tower, asking questions concerning the location of the Vault. Despite our first interlocutor having no idea of what we were talking about, a second Svirfniblin that didn’t seem to pay attention to our conversation mentioned that Kutek Rubblecounter had filled such report, 30 cycles ago. The report is now store in the Glass Archives.

Following this, the three of them visited Chilchackh the metalurgerist smith. After a long time of bartering and trading in previous loots, Odd managed to get the Apostates quite the haul: a Spyglass, a mithrill chain shirt and the needed equipment for its maintenance.

With all this done, their gazes are now lifted towards the Glass Archives, where lies the answer they all have been looking for: How to escape from Abaddon?

Escape from Abaddon - Chapter VIII

Quick summary of the events

  • Attempted a proper funeral for Lu
  • Looted the goblin camp
  • Left for Neergard and met with Fingorou he guided the party to the city
  • Met a group of Drow traders exiting Neergard
  • Managed to bargain two days in the Glass Archives

Detailed journal

This one time, at the goblin camp…

Bongo bongo laid dead, Borga the Witch blinded and incapacitated, a guard tower was scatter in pieces and various goblinoid corpses were spread about. The battle was won and silence came back in this Mycellium clearing. Out of nowhere, among the leftover chaos of the battlefield, a blue-collared, rough-voiced man called out to Oddone Mangione. Donovan, the Janitor of the Jester’s twisted after-life carnival, had a delivery for him from his master to congratulate him on not getting his soul raped/râpée.


It produced this sound when used to hit things.

Rushing back to his post in the netherworld, Donovan just disappeared with a resounding “pop”. This encounter left Jan Münster speechless and curious, but he knew better than asking questions. Borga the Witch was gagged and bound with masterwork shackles found in the goblin camp. Following this, the two of them took care of Lu’s funeral. A sepulture was made by stacking stones and Jan offered quick service. He realized mid-way that it was a prayer to Light, that Lu shunned and despised Elishar’s radiance, so the funeral ended with an awkward silence.

A lot of work was still awaiting the two Apostates. They collected and inventoried all the loot gained from the previous battle. Amongst many things were found a Ring of climbing, a Force Orb, a bottle of spider ichor and a Scroll of Memento. Using the Scroll of Memento on the bottle of dark liquid, Jan saw the following:

This scene was from the point of view of the bottle. Being carried through a corridor of dark masonry reflecting very little light, one could also see the “waiter” transporting the bottle: A beautiful female Drow garbed in silky, diaphanous cloth. Reaching a wide-open room, she began going down stairs leading to the chamber’s center where a Ziggurat stood. Upon it, a naked female elf was chained and it was evident that she had went through some form of torture. The Drow forced the elf to drink from the bottle, hence making the victim commune with her new owner she now belong to…

Jan then proceeded to cast Memento from one of his previous scroll on the Bronze Gladius that was offered by Old Root before the battle.

The two of them went to see Big Root’s status. He got badly mangled by the goblinoid and had now extended roots to take nutrients from his fallen foes. Jan sent some of Elishar’s light to heal his wounds. Without their translator Lu, they were not able to communicate with him. After a few vocalisations, he retracted his roots and left for the Mycelium.

Jan and Odd then headed back to the secret passage to rest a bit. During the night, Odd made his way to Lu’s tomb and entered a meditative trance. Jan later joined him to pay his respect to Lu in a more appropriate way: silence.

Hajime mashite!

To get to Neergard, Odd, Jan and their prisoner Borga followed Old Root’s instructions: find the rivulet and walk upstream to the northern border of Abaddon. Then going west, the trio only had to follow the border to Neergard. It turns out it wasn’t that easy. The ground caved in and the trio fell down what seemed to be a network of tunnel. As they were trying to make their way back out, Borga managed to remove her gag and shot an acid arrow freeing her from he rope’s binding. As she ran away, a mysterious shadow instantly and cleanly decapitated her.

After a bit of reflection, Jan and Odd decided not to investigate that lair anything further and left with only Borga’s head in their possession, leaving the rest of the corpse to whatever ended the witch’s life. Continuing towards Neergard, despite paying attention to their footing, flooring gave in once more under Jan’s steps. He found himself crashing through a dinning table. Sitting at the said table, was an Elf, clearly irritated at the water damage that caused the incident.

Sensing more fear than threat from the two intruders, the Elf told them in broken Common that he would escort them out if they took their “rubbish” with them, referring to the headless Borga, now dripping on his carpet. Overly polite and a bit scared, Odd and Jan followed him out, looking around the mysterious galleries this man called home and noticed a zen rock garden. Apparent on this Elf were a faded Apostate tattoo and a rather huge sword strapped on his back, no doubt it was used on Borga. Odd, less impressed by their host, asked him his name and he introduced himself simply as Fin. He then proceeded to invite them to soup served in polished egg shells, which they gladly accepted (Especially Odd, now with a very empty, flesh, stomach). Over the lunch, Fin agreed to guide the two adventurers to Neergard, and maybe see them out of Abaddon. He asked for only payment that if we ever stumble on a vault, he would get to retrieve this one item he has been looking for.

Fingorou joined the party!

After the soup, they made their way to Neergard without any problem thanks to Fin’s guidance. On their way there, Jan asked about Fin’s banishment and he vaguely replied that Abaddon is now his home.

Before Neergard’s gate, the Apostates saw a party of tall, dark figures heading their way. They were a small Drow contingent, lead by a tough female. Fin addressed them perhaps greetings in Undercommon and the three of them moved out of the way. Four male Drow were carrying a palanquin and as they passed the Apostates, they were able to see a very attractive noble Drow inside.

Surviving this tense encounter, Fin continued walking ahead, straight through the gates. The party got their first glance of Svirfneblins, the underdark gnomes. There, a male enforcer made them wait. He clearly had very little patience for outsiders (Fin remembered having his nose broken by him once). After a few minutes, a female official showed up. A specialist of customs and diplomacy, she greeted the Apostates as surface dwellers and asked us why they came. After a more-or-less diplomatic discussion, helped by gifting the gem wreath, the official granted the Apostates two days in the Glass Library, where they hope to find how to get out of Abaddon.

Escape from Abaddon - Chapter VII

Quick summary of the events

  • Received three magical items from Old Root
  • Teamed up with Big Root to take down the goblin camp
  • Sneaked behind enemy lines using secret passage
  • Killed multiple goblinoids
  • Killed their war bard Bongo Bongo
  • Killed their shaman Borga the Witch
  • Killed Gnasher the Slasher
  • Lu died, killed by Gnasher
  • Jan ate the entity’s brain
  • Odd found and retrieved the mask, turning back to flesh and bone

Detailed journal


The party rested “for the night” after their troll hunt, trying not to think what lays a few inches under the moss of the Myconoids’ grove. During his meditation Oddone Mangione had the fleeting impression to hear music at the limit of his perception. Carnival music… Glancing at his hourglass, he calculated that he had between 50 and 60 hours before the last gem would fall.

Later in his meditation, he also noticed Jan Münster rummaging in his own bag, still asleep and grunting. The monk produces the entity’s brain from the bag and as he moved in closer to take a bite he suddenly woke up and snapped out of it, dropping the brain on the ground. Still feeling attached, he wrapped it back in his pack.

The apostates rose and Old Root gave them three parting gifts: a bronze gladius of the Ancient Draconic empire, a ring of protection and a cloak of resistance, Odd taking the former and Lu the rest. He wishes them good luck and they leave with Big Root leading the way. Big Root and Old Root are in constant telepathic link with the Mycellium. This allows them to part the vegetation to allow us faster travels to the goblin camp.

“Watch out for Big Root, he’ll be watching out for you…”

Goblin battle

On their way to the battle, Big Root described a secret passage that lead more to the center of the camp. Big Root was too large to go through and wouldn’t be able to follow the protagonists. The plan was that Big Root would make a diversion and take the swarm as the apostates surgically defeat their leaders. Odd knew that goblinoids are usually lead by a war chief, the strongest, and a shaman.

Play this music while you read the rest

The apostates could see the Goblin camp in the distance. A pyre burned brightly in the middle of it and war drums could be heard. Progressively, the drums harmonized and banged louder and louder with an increasing rhythm, a terrifying reflection of when Goblins are the most dangerous: when they organize. The protagonists were also able to perceive crude siege weapons in the distance. That could only mean one thing: that the Goblins were getting ready to besiege the closest settlement… Neergard, the only chance of salvation for the apostates.

Big Root showed them the secret passage behind a waterfall-like root system that he moved using his psychic link. Lu tells him to wait for their signal before starting the battle and Jan insists that Big Root watches for himself.

On the other side of the tunnel laid the enemy camp. From this hidden position, the apostates were able to see that the camp was crawling with goblins, hobgoblins, a few bugbears and even ogres. They also saw that the Jester‘s mask was put on top of the pyre and green flames licked through its orbits. To reach it, the apostates would have to fight uphill to that pyre that seemed to be next to the leaders’ cave. Odd heard the carnival music getting louder, coming from the tunnel.

The plan was to have Jack climb a overhang and the three mortals would go up the normal, winding way to have good flanking positions. After partial buffing, Lu gave the signal to Big Root and a siege weapon crashed through nearby goblins. After that, things did not go as planned… The entity took control of Jan’s body, casting ‘mending’ on a rock and screaming and pointing hence partially alerting the camp.


Projectiles rained from outcroppings and an archers tower. Apostates got cover from the pronounce , but they were forced to hug the wall. Odd was at the vanguard while Jan and Lu healed and buffed respectively. Many goblins and hobgoblins met their end at the hands of the apostates.

To gain tactical advantages after rejoining with Jack, the apostates moved to a narrow rock corridor that would funnel the ennemies only on two sides. It seemed clever, until two creatures were spotted atop the rock walls: a small Goblin witch, Borga, and a towering Bugbear. A deflagration caused by the witch’s fireball badly scalded the team, but using his own magic, Odd made her blind. He also stuck the Bugbear in paralytic laugh. The fireball was too much for Jan and he fell unconscious for a moment. When he came back, someone else was controlling his body. First thing it did, was to make him eat that brain. Then, using some psychic power, it destroyed the archer’s tower killing the four Hobgoblins there.

The party started to make a push for it. They were getting closer to the pyre… and the War Chief! Bongo bongo, an Ogre leading the drum cacophony. Odd essentially dueled it with the aid of Jan and Lu buffing him. Lu even risked herself to be exposed without invisibility to cast ‘Haste’ on the group once more. Something nasty took that opportunity. Gnasher stabbed through Lu, draining her of what life she had left. Odd fought the vile thing and impaled it on a fence by the pyre.

The aftermath

At long last, Oddone was able to put his hands on his prized mask. Putting it upon his face, his golden body turned back to flesh and bone, the carnival music finally quieting down. Jan offers a final prayer for Lu, another companion whose life was claimed by Abaddon.

Escape from Abaddon - Chapter VI
The Mycellium

Quick summary of the events

  • The apostates fled the horrors of the Halls of Penance to the Mycelium, a gigantic mushroom forest.
  • They made there way generally their way North-West, towards Neergard, the Svirfneblin city.
  • They encountered a Drow hunting party, they were tracking a Drider. The protagonist silently help them, hopefully falling in their good graces
  • Deeper in a the Mycelium, the apostates encountered a walking mushroom, Big Root. Lu, mastering the Myconoid language, convinced him to take us to his mushroom elder, Old Root.
  • To befriend Old Root, the party had to tell stories as he was very fond of narratives.
  • Old Root and a party struck a deal: if they helped the Mushrooms getting rid of some trolls, they would arrange safe passage to the Goblin camp, where the mask of the Jester and Gnasher are believed to be located.
  • The party felled three trolls with the help of Big Root.
Escape from Abaddon - Chapter V (part 2)

Quick summary of the events

Detailed journal

Psionic cascade!

Jack smashed trough the crystal using his newly acquired Falchion of the Khanite and sliced all the way through Jan’s hand. The entity living on the edge of his mind was not pleased as this crystal was the equivalent of a healing potion for psionic creatures, and, as Jan learned later, it was desperately needing it.

The rage of the entity triggered a psionic cascade. These are the wielder of psionic power’s manifestation of the uncontrolled fury. In this specific case, it first started with an elemental disturbance. The ceiling exploded into flames, giant icicles bursted forth from Jan, and electricity sparkles in the air. Jan’s affected side of the head even produced electrical arks around the room. Than all glass from the room suddenly shattered. At lastly came the gravitational disturbances: furniture warped across the room, some pieces ending up partly within the walls. Lastly, some of the Apostates’ possessions tried to fly away, but only Jan, almost seizing at that point, let the light bringer fly out of his grasp. The weapon then resonated with gravitational energy until it fragmented to pieces.

Jan fell face first to the ground, fainting once more.

Dream state

Tumbling through the void once more, all Jan could hear was his own vitals. Only that? No. Slowly he started to hear the muffled, raspy breathing of another creature. As this happened, a white dot of light appeared at the end of the black nothing. The white grew and replaced the darkness and suddenly Jan found footing. Praying to Elishar with each step, he made his way to what seemed to be a supine figure. As he got closer, he discovered that it was not humanoid.

The creature had a meagre body with a purple skin sticking to its bones. Both legs and one arm were amiss and had fungal growth for stumps. It had one lanky arm with two long fingers. Lastly, instead of a head it had a giant tumorous brain with a tentacle acting as a vulgar tongue. Its skin oozed a red ichor that dripped upwards, as if gravity was inverted. The being was clearly in pain. Pity filled Jan. He extended a hand to grasp the creature’s tentacle. A reminiscent voice rang in his head, enunciating aspired, unintelligible words. Jan was only able to make out “Stop struggling”. Mounting on top of the creature, Jan was filled with an unusual hatred. He wrapped his hands around the creature’s neck and choked it.

“I’m the boss, now.”

Jan fell backwards as his sight went back to total darkness.

Cascade aftermath

Jack pulled Jan out of the room as the ceiling started collapsing, closely followed by Lu. Oddone took his time to investigate the laboratory {TODO: Add how Odd got his fire. I forgot.}. Meanwhile, outside, Jack noticed a some sort of dimensional portal open on the surface of a library bookshelf. Before he had time to exclaim his surprise, a cloud of gas exited the portal and rushed on him to imbue his attacks with corrosive powers. When Odd returned from the laboratory, the Apostates turned around to see Lu following him. Wait. Wasn’t Lu already in the library? Indeed, there were too Lus. Before everyone could process it, the First Lu ordered Jack to execute her. With one strike of falchion, the second Lu died and was stripped of her possessions by the first Lu that obtained a copy of everything that she owned. By paying attention, one could also see new twinkle in Lu’s eyes, as if her brain started working at excessive speed; the cascade had gifted her temporary hypercognition.

The distant sound of an explosion paired with Odd’s laughter brought Jan back from unconsciousness. The apostates recovered from the cascade in haste and went to investigate the source of the commotion. Indeed, Odd’s bomb from earlier detonated and slain multiple Duergars. As Oddone was investigating the rubles, a slap of stone rose from the ground. A Duergar had survived that blast. Not any Duergar, it was the Pugilist from before. Terrified, the Apostates scrambled for combat, but when the Pugilist turned around to face Odd, it showed that half is face was missing. Shortly after, he fell dead without even fighting.

Final exploration

The apostates resumed exploring what was left of the Halls of Penance. Branching back in the umber haulk‘s lair, they tried to hide in a spiral staircase. Luckily for them, the umber haulk was nowhere no be seen. Less luckily for them, one the three had accidentally hit a pressure switch, triggering a rolling pin of death trap. Rolling down the stairs along the way, it shredded along Lu’s back, rendering one of her hands impaired. The three adventurers moved on, up the spiral staircase, being very wary of not triggering the trap again.

Once on top, a vista open itself to the apostates. Being on top of a tower above the Halls of Penance, they were able to see the Mycelium stretching out of sight. Movement caught there eye as a troll-like creature, taller than a mountain, scratched itself and ate a giant toad. Taking a moment to take that sight in, Lu activated her hypercognition. As she muttered to herself at great speed, she distractedly scratched away bandages covering her face thus revealing scarred skin around her mouth. Using her knowledge acquired during her flight through the Underdark, her racing mind devised the most likely plan to get out of here: given that the teleportation magic were altered by force trying to acquire slaves (Illithids from the toer city of Coldreign or Duergar delving in Avarak Sul), the apostates had a chance at getting aid from the Svirfneblin (the Underdark equivalent of Gnomes at Neergard using their newly acquired gemwreath as a peace token. With this plan created, the only thing left was to exit the Halls of Penance. To this goal, the headed back down with looted range weapons and parts found on top of tower.

Stumbling in an infirmary, the apostates found a cadaver of a fighter lord, preserved by a gentle repose shroud. Letters between the head physician and a high ranking Tribune were found in the former’s office with some combat medic robes and poison ingredient. The head physician had committed suicide by poisoning.

What seemed to be a minor skirmish turned out as a real threat when three goblins in a larder summoned a swarm of rat. Jan was engulfed by the vermin and saved by Lu & Odd and some food was looted.


The last push

The apostates then walked in what appeared to be a loading bay; the main gate had to be close-by! A locked back-store closed off by a grate caught Odd’s eye. As he knelt to pick the lock, magic glyph appeared at the level of his face. The air around in got colder instantly, and he found himself entrapped in solid ice. Luckily for him, it had little to no effect on his golden statue physiology. As Lu and Jan set about to start a fire, the strangest creature floated through: an Occulus.


The strange creature was not hostile. It merely scanned them with its gaze and ignore Lu’s polyglottal pleas. It phased through the main door, which revealed to be solid. Following this bizarre encounter, Odd was thawed out and the back store grate open. It seemed rather mundane, until Jan found a d6-sized metallic cube and Odd identified a secret door with a cube-like hole. Putting the two together opened a second smuggler’s cache. The lozenge key open a very intensely locked chest in which nice loot, such a Scroll of Sound Burst and smuggling ledgers were found. In them, it seemed like rather dak ressources from the underdark such as mushrooms and blood were sent to an abbey.

This abbey was inhabited by The Burden, a monastic group believing that there is only a finite amount of suffering in the Universe, so they inflicted pain to themselves in a mean to remove some from other people. This abbey can be found at the southern reaches of the Blackmarsh bog, where we know a pitch industry known as Rotwood Rigs operate.

Knowing that something would bar their way out, the apostates went back to the infarmary to rest and gather their ressources. Jan and Lu respectively brewed potion and poison in silence. Tension filled the air as the adventurers apprehended the morrow.

Making their way back to through the loading area, they opened the door leading to the main entrance of the Halls of Penance. After Jan and Lu exchanged divine guidances balancing light and shadow, the three of them made it through the hangar door. Rubble littered the ground and freedom taunted them through an open door. Hurrying towards it, the three of the stopped dead in their tracks as both the door to outside and back inside slid shut. The ground started rumbling around them and pieces of rock suddenly snapped together to form a giant guardian of stone that proclaimed a single word:



A devastating fight followed. At the beginning of the battle, Jan used the aforementioned Scroll of Sound Blast and cracked the Stone Guardian at multiple locations. Oddone moved around, trying to find the optimal position to aim his strikes without being noticed. On her end Lu was nowhere to be found, but Jack was fighting tooth and nails with the guardian. Things started to go awry when Jan found himself pinned behind debris and Jack’s link to this world was severed. Oddone was still trying to find the optimal positioning and now he was the next biggest threat in the stone guardian eyes. Oddone was hit multiple times, but Jan was able to use Elishar’s words to repair his body. As everything seemed lost, Lu stepped out of the Shadow and conjured cat-like shadow creature that started rendering the guardian’s heels. Losing its footing, the guardian open its guard for a terrible blow: Oddone went in, getting his sword {{TODO: Confirm weapon}} hilt-deep in the guardian. As it reached up to destroyed Odd’s damaged body, the giant guardian crumbled under its on weight. The doors reopened and the apostates were free.

Running as fast as they could away from the dreaded Halls of Penance, the three adventurers heard a terrifying howl from behind them: the umber haulk had found them, initiated chasing and was now gaining terrain on them. A long tentacule-like thing snapped through the darkness and snatched the umber haulk. When the apostates glanced back to see what happened, they saw a giant toad munching on the umber haulk as a normal sized one would eat a locust.

The three of them entered the mushroom forest known as Mycelium, looking for Neergard, the city of the Svirfneblin.

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Assassin class beta test
For your eyes only
Escape from Abaddon - Chapter IV
Not quite dead yet

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